Friday, November 19, 2010

No Braces!!!

Hey folks!

Well, the news of the hour or day or week...I have my braces off! I had them for exactly one year.  I am so thankful to have them off, and I am so thankful that my teeth are so nice and straight. A great big "Thank-you" to my parents!!!

Here's my story of the day...

Driving in Detroit and all of the sudden realizing that your gas tank is below empty is not a good feeling. I had to get off the express-way in a really bad neighborhood...the first gas station I stopped at was out of gas. So, I drove a little further and stopped at another station. The building looked like an old block garage and the windows were stuffed with plastic bags... I could even see into the building there were so many bags! Thankfully this one had gas, and I was able to get some and continue on my merry way. My cousin was nearly is tears she was so scared and was like "Emily, everyone is looking at us..." response "every one looks at us when we drive a car like this..."


I thanked the Lord for keeping us safe!

Hope that you all have a great weekend!!!!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Fireworks in November...

Yep, you read it...fireworks in November! I guess that stores at the Mall wanted to get everyone in the Christmas spirit, and had fireworks and Santa arriving in a horse yes (a real horse) drawn sleigh (on wheels). I really enjoyed the fireworks, someone was handing out 3D glasses, and you got a totally unique, new view of the display! Even though I was freezing, I had warm memories of a balmy evening at the beach this past summer, watching the fireworks on the 4'th of July.

I was touched to see that I still have some faithful friends and followers. =) Thanks guys and gals!