Thursday, August 23, 2012

A quote...

Read this, my heart rings true with these words:

"I long for the day...when I gaze upon my beloved Savior's face. To join in the glorious song of the Redeemed. To fall in utter amazement and awe of His beauty. To cast my crown at His feet. To know that the trials and toils of this life are over-and know they were worth enduring, to watch them fade away in the light of His glory. To praise Him ALL day and ALL night, no distractions, no worries, fears, sadness or pain. What a day that will be!!!"

But until that day, I will do my utmost to please and glorify Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family Vacation

 Our family took a little vacation to northern MI. We had a wonderful time to be sure! I don't have pictures of everyone, the weather didn't cooperate for many pictures.  The first day was beautiful-the rest rainy and cold. Thankfully we had a lots of room, an indoor pool-and the Olympics to watch! Spending time together was certainly a blessing. We don't have many opportunities to have our whole family together, so it was super nice to spend quality time with each other. Now, school has started for the younger kids (or actually it will on Monday), college for Jill and Annie, and Med school for Daniel. Alexandra goes back to school after Labor Day, and though I will miss the freedom to go anywhere at anytime... I will be glad to have mornings to myself, and a bit more of a schedule for Alex.
Well, Enjoy the pics...

 Un-named siblings flying through the air. ;)

 Tired after a long day of hard play.
Beautiful Elsie and Gabby