Monday, January 14, 2013

Bucket List

Okay, every one has a bucket list of some sort. Things they'd like to do one day. Fun things, adventurous things, simple things, traveling, mission work... So I thought I'd share my bucket list with you.

 What's on your Bucket List???

Mission Trip -I'd love to go on an overseas trip

Go White Water Rafting

Learn to Play Tennis

Pet a dolphin (I actually did, so I can cross this one off)

Go Golfing

Take a camping/trail ride with my horses across the State of MI

Ride my horse in the mountains

Go to Europe

Learn French

Go on a trip out West (might happen this summer with my family) 

Of course my greatest desire is the continue to know the Lord more and grow stronger in the faith. I think that it's actually too important to put in such a thing as a "bucket list". These are just things I'd love to do, I will be perfectly content if these things never actually happen. Delighting in God, and His plans for me will be perfectly wonderful.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Belated Birthday post...

A few weeks ago I had a birthday. I turned 23. Yes, I am rapidly approaching that all too daunting age of 25. ;) I told my mom that I think this birthday was the hardest/most emotional for me. Just knowing I'm getting older, and not a kid anymore... realizing anew how short life is, how fast it goes by...and how so badly I WANT and desire to make my time here on Earth count. Sometimes I feel that I have done so little for God, He has done so much for me. I won't be content to sit and watch the World pass me by, I want to actively engage in furthering the kingdom of God!!!!
 Yet, I also must remind myself that if I delight to do the things He has directed me in-and faithfully do the tasks He has set before me...I am not disappointing Him. 

So, for the past few days I have been in Florida with Alexandra and my grandma. It's so pretty here. Mid 70's (degrees), sunny, green grass, birds singing... I think I was color starved. When I got here I just couldn't get enough of it! I soaked up the warm sun and filled my nostrils with the beautiful aromas of the fresh cut grass, flowers and the scents of winter in Florida. It's so perfect. (It sure beats the 12 inches of snow back home...which has it's own beauty...but for a warm blooded person...the sun is the best!). Vacation is all too short though, as we will be leaving this wonderful land on Sunday. Enjoy a few pictures that I've taken so far. (all iPhone pics BTW).

 Isn't this little cottage cute? I think I want to live there!

Lighthouse and palm trees, how much better can it get?