Monday, February 4, 2013

Who is He to you?

This evening during my time alone with God, I began pondering all He is to me. Personally, who He is. I started writing...

"You are my Friend, you are Beautiful, you are Love, my only Hope and Salvation. My Hiding place and Deliverer, Friend and Shelter. You are my Love, my Heart's
Desire, the Treasure I seek and joy-true Joy. My Rock and Fortress, the very Foundation on which my faith is built. He is my Father, my Shepherd. Emmanuel, God with us, my Leader, the Son of God-and my Savior."

Who is Jesus to you? Do you really love Him? Realizing anew who Christ is, how can we offer Him anything less than our entire life and being? We cannot dare. He gave too much for us to discount or throw it away.
Think, wonder, pray, love Him.